The al Project

  As a mummy I strive to do all I can to keep our home, the environment we spend most of our time in clean and tidy. This is important to me to keep our home healthy and germ free until it occurred to me, whilst I was spraying cleaning products in my bathroom, breathing … Continue reading The al Project


Winsor Bishop – Christmas Present Ideas

I recently took a trip to Winsor Bishop Jewellers and was kindly leant 3 stunning pieces of jewellery to review. From the moment I walked into the store the staff couldn't have been more welcoming. A  drink on arrival and some extremely friendly faces immediately made me feel so comfortable. I browsed the shop and … Continue reading Winsor Bishop – Christmas Present Ideas

Mum Tag – @memyselfandeffie

Hey lovelies, Myself and a few other mums have collaborated together to do a 'mum tag' where we have to answer 20 questions about motherhood. You'll find below Beccas' (memyselfandeffie) 20 answers, if you then click on her blog (linked below) you will find another mum tag blog post from a different mummy blogger, the … Continue reading Mum Tag – @memyselfandeffie

Product review – My fairy Garden

So we were lucky enough to be sent 'My Fairy Garden' to try out and see what we thought. I would like to point out that this is our honest opinion and we were not paid to provide you with some kind of 'fake review'. The age on the box does state 4+ and some … Continue reading Product review – My fairy Garden

Product review – Oxo Tot Step

So as most of you are probably aware I am currently potty training Liberty and I’m all for something making our life much easier so Oxo Tot kindly sent us something which we now couldn’t be without. Since the start of potty training/ getting liberty to sit on the toilet I’ve been encouraging her to … Continue reading Product review – Oxo Tot Step

Choosing the right Holiday (with a toddler)

Me and Blake decided to book a last minute holiday and for those of you that asked, we chose to stay at Riu Papaya in Gran Canaria (playa del Inglés). I looked at so many different hotels, my anxiety was sky high and I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision, which is … Continue reading Choosing the right Holiday (with a toddler)

Life with 2 under 2

Priya and Oakley are exactly 21 months apart and I love it.  Yes of course they completely take 100% of my time and I may forget to eat, have no time to sit down or even brush my hair    but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. (If you follow … Continue reading Life with 2 under 2

Potty Training

So when Oakley was 5 weeks old Priya decided she wanted to potty train.  Great timing hey! But of course I went with it and I bought her a potty. We went to boots and I let Priya choose the colour she wanted. She chose a light blue and loved it. She carried it around … Continue reading Potty Training

My current top 5 favourite Toddler products

Myself and Jade Bowden over at mylennonandme have decided collaborate and do a blog post. We are both going to be sharing our top 5 baby/toddler products that we simply couldn’t live without, so here it goes...   NUMBER ONE: My absolute number one product is actually a cleaning product. We all know how dirty … Continue reading My current top 5 favourite Toddler products

My Birth Story

My Birth Story 40 Weeks pregnant is something I did not expect to reach as Priya was 12 days early - I thought surely there is no way I'll be late... On May 5th, my due date, we were busy during the day pottering around food shopping, cutting the grass etc followed by a BBQ … Continue reading My Birth Story